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Stanley A. Kempner Jr. Attorney at Law is proud to offer confident, knowledgeable legal services to residents of Spokane County. An integral member of the Spokane community for nearly 40 years, Mr. Kempner brings a unique, comprehensive legal background to each and every case. Whether your issue involves family law or employment law, rest assured that attorney Stanley A. Kempner Jr. is your best bet at a secure future.

Employment Law

Matters pertaining to employment law have the potential to drastically change the trajectory of your life. Having represented Spokane clients since 1987, Stanley A. Kempner Jr. Attorney at Law can help you overcome the challenges associated with workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, unemployment benefits and wrongful termination, among (many) others. Call now to learn more.

Family Law

Very few things are as difficult as litigating contentious familial disputes. This is true whether your case involves divorce, child custody, alimony or paternity, to say nothing of the challenges inherent to establishing a working parenting plan. Call (509) 484-1104 now to protect yourself and those you love most.

Defending Spokane Families Since 1987

Knowledgeable representation. Individualized attention. Compassionate understanding. With Stanley A. Kempner Jr. Attorney at Law, you’ll receive premier legal counsel at an affordable rate, regardless of whether your case involves family or employment law. Wake up to a brighter tomorrow — call Mr. Kempner today.

Stanley A. Kempner Jr. Attorney at Law provides individualized legal service to residents throughout Spokane County. If you are currently struggling with an issue related to family or employment law, call (509) 484-1104 now.