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Spousal support, commonly known as “alimony,” refers to a legal agreement by which one spouse provides financial assistance to the other after their divorce. It’s intended to help a lower-earning spouse better take care of their child until she or he can become self-sufficient.

How Long do Spousal Support Arrangements Last?

The length of a spousal support arrangement depends on the length of the marriage and the relative incomes of each party. Furthermore, if one spouse has been raising a child while unemployed, a Washington judge will likely award a longer period of alimony to facilitate workforce retraining. More often than not, however, spousal support will end when the recipient remarries.

It’s Not Always That Easy, However…

If one party is capable of making more than she or he is currently earning, a Washington judge may choose to “impute” income to that spouse. In other words, the court will calculate the spousal support as if the spouse actually did, in fact, make more money. An experienced employment family lawyer can help ensure that you and your children receive the assistance you deserve.

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