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Helping Spokane Employees with Severance Agreements

Nearly every severance agreement comes with a very narrow window — typically no more than 21 days — in which the employee can either accept or reject the agreement. Even if you do wish to accept the severance agreement, failure to do so within the specified time may leave you out in the cold. If you’ve been offered a severance agreement, speak with a knowledgeable employment lawyer at your first opportunity.

Severance Pay Versus Wrongful Termination

There’s a certainty associated with severance agreements that some people find wildly appealing. A skilled employment law attorney will weigh the pros and cons of both your severance agreement and filing a wrongful termination suit. More often than not, the added value of a guaranteed, legally binding amount of severance pay is worth more than the uncertainty surrounding a wrongful termination claim.

Maximizing Your Leverage

Washington employers are often willing to negotiate severance agreements in order to avoid the costs and anxiety commonly associated with litigation. This apprehension can provide you with some leverage in negotiations, which could in turn lead to more compensation. Speak to a dedicated employment attorney today to learn more about your options.

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